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What is SOYoga?
—The philosophy behind it—
SOYoga is short for Suryas Omnes Yoga:
  • Surya's stands for Surya (sun God) –this is my energy, and the vibe I share in my classes.
    • Every teacher shares their journey and practices. Here you can start your own journey. SOYoga is for sharing the journey together, "Being Yoga" —either if you are starting or on the way.
  • Omnes means infinitum, no boundaries, and for me–in real" life– translates into a Yoga that is interdisciplinary & holistic, adaptable & fluid, and open for exploration. After all, this is the Yogi way –experience.
  • Yoga stands for Yoga, i.e. connection with yourself & essence. My core practice is Tantric Hatha, which helps you awaken your vital force (energy) and lead your life/movement with your heart center

Altogether SOYoga is the acronym for Suryas Omnes Yoga, which in Spanish (my mother tongue) means "I am yoga".
I am Yoga = I (you) are union/balance, and live with this consciousness & connection in your daily life. This is the focus of SOYoga, "being Yoga" and awakening your vital energy to do so.
SOYoga= I am Yoga

"Coincidentally" the meaning of the SOYoga acronym (I am Yoga) matches the aim of my Yoga practice –a practice that becomes part of your daily life & way of being & living. Because firstly, it AWAKENS Your VITAL ENERGY and then you learn to lead it into your heart centre / intuition, to lead your life and follow your life path.  But ofc, this is nothing automatic. Some days/times you might have pleenty of energy, but then you need to know how to channel it. In Tantric Hatha, you learn both to AWAKEN YOUR VITAL ENERGY and to channel it in a meaningful way toLIGHT UP YOUR HEART, so that it can guide your life in your day-to-day. But this is nothing automatic, this is both a capacity, and a consciousness / awareness of your body (& beyond) which you need to learn and train. Since, we live our daily lives in auto-pilot, this is always going to be the tendency, and you are never? going to live in a constant state of consciousness, nor is it necessary. Life will never be fully balanced (or at least at first sight), since our external conditions we can only change to a certain extent, (and perhaps sometimes they don't need to be changed; and only with awareness you can see that life has its own flow and you can let it flow) but you can change your consciousness/awareness —and this is what we are aiming for in here. And so, once you observe/become aware of your state/energy, you can act accordingly, or simply let yourself be —which is not as simple as it sounds. And in fact, this is where the work starts —there where we encounter resistance— and this is what we work through the Yoga practice. In my experience, an important first step/requisite is to awaken your vital energy into your heart centre and in doing so, calm the mind. We practice yoga not for sport, but for connecting with your full power and your essence. Then you can live your life through your heart centre, let your life flow with awareness, while you are doing sport or anything that your heart tells you to be doing. It supercharges your whole life. Life made deeper and conscious; life with a sense & a flow.


=     I am Yoga

(from Spanish)
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