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An informal story:


Yoga is spirituality; spirituality is that which is not material and that which cannot be rationalised, but rather it has to be experienced. This is the ascetic/yogic way–– the way of experience. 

Therefore, with this meaning of the word spiritual, my spiritual journey started with deciding not to drink when all my friends did as teenagers. I realised I have my own energy and I don't need drugs to alter my state–and also, I had seen & heard of experiences in my life that made me cautious with any sort of drugs–especially, I heard of the 80s and how many people died, all of those famous musicians were proof to me.

That's why I decided, okay, I am going to join my friends at the party and I am going to have just as much fun as them, or even more! because I remembered how as a kid I sometimes could let go and have a lot of fun and a lot of energy, and I felt that that power was still with me. 

I went partying and it was a massive success, because i rediscovered my own energy, my own power (and why does the barman not even let me drink water? something wasn't right).

I could let go even more than my friends, they thought I was drunker than them. And so, this became a ritual, when they met in the park for drinking, I was an anomaly drinking water, and then being drunker and more energetic than them. They didn't question it much, and me neither, tbh. They had their way, and I had my own, and I loved my way, it was powerful, it was energising, it was deeper, partying like this felt like going into another world, into a powerful state.  

It was then that I felt I wanted to explore the capacity of the body.

I felt that "humanity" has continued on the wrong "road", relying too much on material things, only focused on them, for doing any thing, everything seems to come from outside. Now let's look inside? it's time to try the other road, the road of our auto sufficiency of the power within us, and also the power of us together as social beings. What if I can go deep into my body and heal myself? this fascinated me.

However, as you can see, I am a philosopher, I like to wonder, ask, discover, and especially, I like to problem solve and build. So, first I went to uni to study Philosophy, Politics and ethics at the University of Brighton, and try to have a better picture of the world, i needed some context, and see what the world needs", and after this, I thought, I want to go deeper into myself.

Naturally, "I forgot" about this quest after uni, but life brought me back into my pathway. 

Slowly, yoga came to me. I have always loved sports, of which, swimming was my power sport, but it also brought me many pains in my body from forcing my body. 

So, I started doing stretches from this book called (Estira-mientos). Estiramiento in Spanish translates into stretching, and "miento" means "to lie/to not tell the truth". Therefore, estira-miento means stretch-lies. This was the concept of the book.¡, that most of the stretches we practice are bad for our body–for our muscle tissue and for our spine. This is because, for a muscle to stretch, the muscle needs to be relaxed, and for that, the muscle needs to be stretched

It was a revolutionary approach to stretches

After these stretches i went into a different state. i didn't know what it was. My dad used to tell me that I was doing Yoga, which I don't know what it meant. I thought, i am not doing yoga. 

when i practiced with a friend after an intense day of skiing he told me, man, this leaves me in such a relaxed/peace state. And we were zero "spiritual people".

So, this was the first step.

The second was actual Yoga, which my mum introduced me to. My mum always challenged me, but in a subtle way–that's how I started swimming, because she used to do 40 laps at the pool, and one day I tried, and I could barely do ten. then i realised I had to get that sorted out. Then when I tried yoga with her, I felt there was something in the Yoga, because I could not do it, even if I was such a sportsman. So, it was there, in a summer in Portugal in a beautiful house in front of the beach that I started practicing yoga.

listen to the audio. this is gonna be my first audio. save the audio on whatever platform. 

now i know that i was doing something between yin yoga and therapeutic Iyengar yoga

Rod stryker

I am going to try

 is not that cuddly puddly thing that most people are expecting when reading “tantra”—in fact, this is Neo-tantra, which is also okay. But that's just a different pathway.

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