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On Wednesdays, 18:00 - 20:00 

  • Energy exchange: Single session 35; 6 session abo (30/session) 180.-

  • Booking is necessary:

  • Bring:

    • Long, comfortable clothes (there's no sweating in this class)

  • Location: Kanzleistrasse,78 (Langstrasse area)

    • Arrive ~10 mins earlier.

  • Personalised—Maximum 5 participants.

  • Communication: Join our TELEGRAM group for updates & SPONTANEITY!

Weekly yoga


 (therapeutic & restorative Yoga)

  • This class is designed to melt the tension. Especially in your lower back and shoulders by stabilising your hips—which in turn brings emotional stability.

    • If you suffer from longstanding pain or want to improve your mobility (flexibility & muscle), this class is for you.

    • The postures adapt to you and allow you to progress from wherever your starting point is.

  • HOW? 

    • Through a series of (seemingly) ecstatic poses that work on stabilizing your hips.

    • To gain flexibility, mobility & relaxation.

    • Here, “you become the physio” aligning & giving mobility to your body—because only YOU can achieve such depth.


    • This series of postures is very beneficial for our emotional body because the hips are like a bowl/container holding our vital organs.

    • At the energetic level, the hips are the center of the water element, which is associated with emotion. If the water is unsettled, your emotions follow suit.


    • ​After the class, you will begin to feel a sense of emotional stability and clarity.

    • From personal experience, this works especially well in times when you are feeling mixed emotions, cloudiness, and turmoil within; as well as the physical benefits of healing the hips, lower back, and shoulders.

  • ABOUT Iyengar Yoga:

    • Iyengar yoga is mainly known as the Yoga of alignment & discipline; Yogis from all styles turn to Iyengar for asana alignment.

    • But Iyengar Yoga is also known for its therapeutic miracles. Some note tremendous increases in mobility or even the release of chronic/longstanding pain in just a few sessions. 

    • Personally, I have gained a lot of mobility (flexibility & strength) and released longstanding pain in just a few sessions——which is something that I haven't experienced in years of Hatha and Vinyasa.

    • This Yoga is a perfect complement for other Yoga styles, because of the increased flexibility that you get through these isolation movements. 

Additional information:

  • We will work with props: belts and blocks.

  • You will need at least two classes for getting used to the type of effort required.

  • This class may seem deceptively inactive, but make no mistake, this is not Yin Yoga. Iyengar Yoga is known for its intensity and mental discipline. It is quite an active class, while holding the postures you work with your mind & inner muscles; thus reconfiguring your internal structures & mobility, and healing your pain.

  • ​Although my main style is Tantric Hatha Yoga (which focuses on the energetic side of the asana), Iyengar Yoga is a key part of my practice, since it works on my alignment and heals any stagnation causing pain.

 “I really appreciate the way you teach us and the exercises themselves were easy to follow and extremely effective, I no longer have back pain and my mobility improved a lot :)”

Michael (Melt the tension)


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**The SOY projekt needs you: Suggestions are welcome (days, times, anything). They are not only welcome, but necessary –the Zürich city life is a hard one to guess. Just type in your suggestion in the chat, telegram, email ... 🌞 

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