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So., 04. Juni



Full Moon Yoga Ritual on the Rooftop

Moonlight Yoga ritual –outdoors- on this stunning rooftop, with a specially designed sequence, together with 6 other Yogis. Topic: Rising up & letting go. The practice: A specific moonlight sequence and a guided relaxation. Followed by a reflection / journal.

Full Moon Yoga Ritual on the Rooftop
Full Moon Yoga Ritual on the Rooftop

Time & Location

04. Juni 2023, 18:45 – 21:15

Zürich, Ekkehardstrasse, 8006 Zürich, Switzerland

About the event

Yoga in the "Magical Outdoors"  is finally back for 2023. And what better start than a rooftop yoga session with the full moon?!

What you get:  

  • A unique Yoga experience & location: rooftop, Yoga, moon & sharing in a personal setting with five other Yogis.
  • Focus on letting go and raising with the moon.
  • A specifically designed Full moon Yoga session. This is a Power Yoga session (physically demanding), and also
  • A guided relaxation.
  • A space for reflecting & letting go (bring your journal).
  • Personalised teaching throughout the session –hence the small group.
  • The idea is to stay longer after the practice with the moon (until 22:30) and bring your own food. But this is optional.
  • There is an indoors yoga room, just in case it's necessary. 


  • Your own Yoga mat, however I have a few mats, so let me know. 
  • Dress: I recommend to dress in layers, i.e. thermal clothes/leggings first, then thick jogging trousers... and if so, a rain jacket, and even thin gloves if you like.
  • I invite you to stay longer (22:30) with the moon and bring your own food.
  • Journal/notebook.
  • Your own thick blanket or sleeping bag for the guided relaxation under the moon.


  • Make sure to arrive on time.
  • The exact address will be sent to you once you register.

FULL INFORMATION (in case you want the full story):

Session theme:

The topic of the session is letting go, which is what the full moon stands for "expanding our minds and bodies and letting go of what no longer serves us".  Just like the raising tides, with the full moon, you  can (only) raise by letting go

In this way, you are using the moonlight to give you clarity and vital force to rise letting go of what you don't need. This Yoga practice is designed o assist you and potentiate you in this process.

As part of SOYoga's Outdoor sessions (where we work with the elements), the Moon is a central element –even more important than the Sun, because it doesn't get so much attention. And so, in this session, we focus on the Moon

The practice:

*This is not a session for the faint-hearted. First of all, because you will be outdoors with the moon. However, May should already be warmer, but you should be prepared for anything.

If you are wondering if yoga in the cold even works, I can confirm it does, actually the time-lapse video below, in the gallery is from the 2nd of January, with no sunshine and without a tshirt, no mat and wet grass. 

Actually, the cold is good because it connects you directly with your breath, which is something you would usually struggle with in a normal session. There are many good reasons for such an outdoor session with the moon :)

And second of all,  the session is designed to awaken your inner energy by engaging in friction (pushing your limits) through enlivening poses that bring light & energy into your heart. All while on a uniquely beautiful rooftop, out there with the moon, breathing its pure air.

The practice will finish with a guided relaxation to finish absorbing the energy from the practice and the moon.

Finally, there will be a space for reflecting & noting down the clarity & focus that the practice has brought up and things you feel you can let go.

The weather:

Although rain is not expected, if it comes, be ready to let go of your expectations and enjoy the power of moonlight rain (water is the moon's element). You should also dress appropriately (see the "Bring" section).

About clouds, we can only expect the best. One thing is for sure, the moon shines through the clouds more than through a room, that's for sure. 

The space

I am lucky to live in a flat with a stunning rooftop where to practice Yoga and share it with others.  

Energy exchange:

Bring a friend and save 10.- 

This is my way to thank you for sharing this session, which is a very energy consuming activity for me in the digital realm.

All in all, this is a session that is meant to recharge your body, mind and soul –by connecing with the moon element. 

This session is designed for a small group of 6, so if it has caught your heart, book it now because there are only 6 spots. 

Message me for any questions :)


  • Full Moon Yoga Ritual

    1)Invite a friend & save 10 –since a lot of energy goes into reaching people. This a way to thank you for sharing––as well as enjoying the benefits of the session :) 2)You can also book directly through twint and skip the booking fee from the system 0 76 268 18 34 Martín Carrascoso

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      +CHF 1.30 service fee
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      +CHF 2.60 service fee
    • Full Moon Early Bird

      Available until the 16 of April

      CHF 54.00
      +CHF 1.35 service fee
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    “Surya thank you again for this nourishing morning, it felt so good to take the time for myself and interact with such beautiful and interesting souls.  Have a blissful rest of the day🙏🏻🌞"

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