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Yoga for Flexibility & back pain

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Every Wednesday from 18:30 - 20:00 

  • Bring:  Long comfortable clothes (since there's no sweating in this class)

  • Location: Kanzleistrasse,78 (Langstrasse area)

    • Arrive ~10 mins earlier.

  • Personalized: Maximum 4 participants.

  • Communication: Join our TELEGRAM or Whatsapp diffusion for updates.

  • Pricing: Single session 35; 10 session abo at 30/session; *bring a friend and save 10.-

  • Booking is necessary

Weekly yoga


––This session is specially made for gaining flexibility & releasing pain––

  • The truth is Yoga wasn't really made for inflexible people –and there is a minimum entry-level flexibility to start practicing asana.

    • Many of us don’t have enough flexibility to perform basic asanas –which makes Yoga even more difficult.  Especially if the teacher is not giving you the attention and modifications you need to progress –which is usually the case. And this class is an answer to that.

  • On top of gaining flexibility, this session also helps relieve back (& shoulder) pain. And also affects your emotional body, providing balance and stability.

  • Nowadays, Flexibility and Yoga have almost become synonymous. However, Yoga is much more than flexibility; this is why in these sessions, we will focus on flexibility so that you can later practice asana with ease and go deeper into the practice of Yoga/union.

  • WHY this class?

    • The reason why I am teaching this class is that I have been in this situation myself, and I know how frustrating it can be when you are not able to follow the class and don't get the adaptations you need 

    • This is why, now after 10 years of self-practice & trainings, I can help you speed up this process and give you the attention and adaptations you need for gaining flexibility & practicing asana––as well as helping you relieve pain 


    • It combines various exercises, breath work, and specific asanas to help you progress and be able to have a solid asana practice. And it will give you the adaptations needed to do so.

    • In order to keep it personalised, the class is limited to 4 students –however, you need to keep in mind that although 4 persons is reduced (compared to a massified yoga class), this is still not a private.

  • I encourage you to try this session and see how you progress!


  • Although the approach to this session is holistic, it takes its main inspiration from therapeutic Iyengar Yoga. And it uses other resources such as PNF (proprioceptive neuro-muscular facilitation).

 “I really appreciate the way you teach us and the exercises themselves were easy to follow and extremely effective, I no longer have back pain and my mobility improved a lot :)”

Michael (Melt the tension)


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**The SOY projekt needs you: Suggestions are welcome (days, times, anything). They are not only welcome, but necessary –the Zürich city life is a hard one to guess. Just type in your suggestion in the chat, telegram, email ... 🌞 

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