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The full Yoga & Brunch story

What happens when you combine Yoga & BRUNCH (food)?

The truth you can only find out when you experience it. This is the way of the Yogi —the way of experience

However, in case you need it, I can give you a hint, just three words "Your Daily Retreat".

"Your Daily Retreat" is an Oasis where to come back to yourself  (& into your full POWER) and enjoy life Every-Day, sharing the journey (community), and growing together.

Indeed, after morning (or evening) Yoga most of us crave food ––but not any kind of food, balanced healthy food (following from the inner balance acquired during the Yoga (Yuj, "to unite") practice; 

This yogi breakfast (& soup) SPACE facilitates a smooth transition from the Yoga class into your daily life –which can oftentimes take us out of balance after Yoga. Therefore, Y&B is designed as a transition and an integration of that Yoga.

And even/ever more important is the precious community SPACE which I find is missing so much in our daily lives—and in Yoga studios. And online yoga doesn't make this any better. Yoga online and Yoga shared are two very different practices. You may have noticed already that your awareness & inner state are completely different in a real Yoga class. "Together we are stronger".

It is in this way that "A Daily retreat" is born, for you to come back to your full power—through the tantric hatha Yoga practice & through a SPACE where You can smoothly transition into your day, to continue "being Yoga" (SOYoga); and sharing your journey with other Yogis.


Everything has a story. But this is certainly one to be told. You will understand why at the end. Yoga + breakfast is not really an idea, but rather, it is something which took place during in my formal Yoga training back in Madrid, when we practiced Yoga before breakfast. Soon after the class, we would have the most delicious balanced breakfast and sharings (community). This experience felt so right that it couldn't stay there, in that course; I wanted it to be part of my life and continue sharing it with others. I am sure my fellow course Yogis would be very proud of me and happy about these sessions in Zürich, but they will be soon when I tell them! And this is actually what Yogis did&do––sharing the practices that work for them). This is one key practice of mine, which also aims at balancing out the lack of sharing life together in the global society––at least in my world. And so, here we have a practice that balances this imbalance and which promotes the practice of yoga beyond the mat––which is my aim and purpose. But now, how did this idea/vision materialise? Quite "coincidentally" already the day after I arrived in Zurich, I met Malika (suerteria) through some friends, and there, sharing food and TCM knowledge within a river bed, we clearly saw the power of combining the two, and also, Malika's project is about healthy balanced food (and life) and mine is also about life, through Yoga. The perfect ingredients were there, we just had to put them together. Now the party begins :) This coincidence/project is also the project that has made me stay in Zürich and be focused in sharing (and receiving) my Yoga way.

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