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(Private) Rooftop Energetic Yoga

Energetic Yoga to lift up your energy and calm the mind. Discover the energetic side of Yoga practic

  • 1 h 30 min
  • From 150 Schweizer Franken
  • Ekkehardstrasse

Service Description

This practice is for those of us who want to awaken our inner power and explore our full energetic potential. Whether you're feeling low on energy or overwhelmed with excess energy, this Tantric Hatha practice not only teaches you how to activate your vital energy but also how to remain calm and centred. Calmness and increased vital energy are not mutually exclusive, but rather they need each other to be in balance –this is what Yoga is about, balance. Once your vital force is awakened, your mind can calm down. -Private: this class is completely designed for you. -Location: Ekkehardstrasse. At my lightful flat and (stunning) rooftop (depending on the weather) *Feel free to reach out to me and choose suggest your preferred date and time. How? Mainly by training the bandhas, with this 6 energetic (& physical) locks, you can both awaken and contain your energy, tapping into your body's source of vitality and peace. Discover the method to controlling your energy, and awaken your full potential. What does it look like? From the outside, Tantric Hatha looks very similar to Hatha Yoga, but the energy is completely different; it's Yoga, but supercharged. It awakens your vital energy and allows you to rediscover & fall in love with your inner power! How? Through a combination of asanas with dynamic movement, pranayama, and bandha; allowing you to access higher states of consciousness. Benefits of the practice: This practice results in increased strength, flexibility, and focus; as well as increasing your energy & calmness. It is only by awakening your vital force that your mind can calm down, because you are will use the vital force to activate your heart centre & tap into your intuition. About Tantric Hatha: Tantric Hatha Yoga is an ancient tradition that is considered to be a precursor to modern Yoga, and its practices have influenced the development of various forms of Yoga. You can learn more about TH in the "About" section.

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Contact Details

  • Ekkehardstrasse, Zürich, Switzerland


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