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What is Tantric Hatha Yoga? 
And what does it look like? 

*This is not neo-Tantra. Neo (modern) Tantra is mostly related to sex, but the Tantra tradition is not. You can click here for more context on Tantra & Yoga (1 min read).

  • Tantric Hatha goes back to the roots, focusing on the energetic part of asana for accessing Higher states of consciousness

  • This is a Yoga unlike any other, a Yoga that makes you ignite your inner fire and feel truly alive, in your full power––a Yoga that supercharges your life.


With TH, I finally!! felt the full power of yoga.

I hadn’t felt anything similar within 5 years of Hatha & Vinyasa practice. This is a different kind of yoga, not one of relaxation & balancing, but one of activation,  enlivening & union.

I describe it as “Yoga with superpowers”. But the best way to know it is by experiencing it. 

This practice is for those of us who want to explore their inner power and full energetic potential.

But also, for those of us who are sometimes lacking energy or if on the contrary if you are sometimes full of energy and don’t know what to do with it—both extremes are common.

Tantric Hatha teaches you how to activate your inner energy, but also to be calm. This is the key––flowing with this energy instead of exploding. There is a method to it.

What does Tantric Hatha look like?

In Tantric Hatha, the focus is on the energetic and subtle body. And we access it through a combination of dynamic asanas, pranayamas, and bandhas to reconfigure the energy structure/flow in our body. Your vital forces (vitality) are queued to awaken

From the outside, it almost looks like Hatha yoga. It makes you work out, but even more important is the power of your breath

My practice:

It is a practice that awakens your vital force (vitality) and enlivens your heart center, to calm the mind.

Like this, you can follow your heart/intuition and live your life with CLARITY, in flow.

What's next?
For understanding Tantric Hatha—like anything else in life—you need to experience it.

But I leave you some introductory words:

Already from the first practice on, you will ignite your inner fire, and this is a feeling hard to describe.

It is like being a kid again and having lots of energy, but now it also means controlling it––this you will learn in the practice to activate and to flow in life.

Actually, it is because of this feeling that I decided to go deeper into yoga, into this energy. Because it makes you feel alive in a matter of minutes and you can have this amazing feeling in your daily life.

All SOYoga sessions incorporate elements from TH wisdom, but here are two sessions that are more specific:

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