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Tuesdays Tantric Hatha

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On Tuesdays, 18:30 - 20:15 (1h 45')​

  • Energy exchange: 35.- Single session;180.- 6 session abo; Bring a friend and save 5!

  • Booking is necessary:

  • Location: Kanzleistrasse,78 (Langstrasse area)

    • Arrive ~10 mins earlier.

  • Personalised: Maximum 6 participants.

  • Communication: Join our TELEGRAM group for updates & SPONTANEITY!

  • Contact details: here

Weekly yoga

This practice is for those who want to explore their inner power & full energetic potential.

But also, for those of us who are sometimes lacking energy, and other times are full of energy and don’t know what to do with it (both extremes are common).

Tantric Hatha teaches you how to activate your inner energy, but also to be calm. This is the key––flowing with this energy instead of exploding. There is a method to it.

  • Awaken your vital energy & calm the mind.

  • Discover the energetic side of asana practice (Tantric Hatha).

  • From the outside, Tantric Hatha looks very similar to Hatha Yoga, but the energy is completely different; it's Yoga, but supercharged. It awakens your vital energy and allows you to rediscover & fall in love with your inner power!

  • How? Through a combination of asanas with dynamic movement, pranayama, and bandha; allowing you to access higher states of consciousness.

  • Once your vital energy becomes active, your mind can calm down. Thus allowing your heart center & intuition to become active to guide your life.

  • For more information & context on Tantric Hatha, click here.


"To me, your class was exactly what I needed in the morning with a perfect balance. Not too sporty, not too easy. It woke me up and energised my mind and body but it wasn’t too exhausting. I didn’t learn any new movements but I enjoy simple motions that let you connect to the breath anyways the most since having a strong connection to my breath is something I struggle with in my day to day life. So I really liked that you put the emphasis on it during the class."

Elena, Yoga by The Pier

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**The SOY projekt counts on you: Suggestions are welcome (days, times, anything). They are not only welcome, but necessary –the Zürich city life is a hard one to guess. Just type in your suggestion in the chat, telegram, email ... 🌞 

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